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This report explores how nike s approach to improving social and environmental conditions in its global supply chain has evolved through integrated management of sustainability and innovation, increased supplier incentives, and systems innovations intended to prevent problems before they arise. Accueil du module supply chain et logistique vous allez acquerir les connaissances generales en logistique et supply chain necessaires pour. Every day, each of us comes in contact with a multitude of products that have been produced outside the united states. The supply chain index is designed to be used as a ranking system and benchmarking tool. Up 16 stream of the cdp, supply chains are forecastdriven and downstream of the cdp, supply chains are demanddriven 18. The ultimate solution of the complete model will yield the optimal supply chain network design. Practitioners and educators need a common definition of supply chain management, and a shared understanding of the processes. The analyst will play a role in identifying bad inventory and helping. Supply chain management i about the tutorial supply chain management can be defined as the management of flow of products and services, which begins from the origin of products and ends with the products consumption at the enduser.

Delivery precision in a multiproduct and multijurisdictional company like nike, inc. This is a brief introductory tutorial that explains the methodologies applied in the rapidly. In particular, it presents five powerful secrets that can help you move on from the linear tactics of the past, and take concrete steps toward a more dynamic future. Additional examples for scd are the consumer goods manufacturers nike. Management and social performance in the nike supply chain. Watch the video nike supply chain management disaster. Nike believes it will gain an advantage over its competition by improving its supply chain. Economic order quantity model eoq and the supply chain operations reference model scor are used to fostering operational efficiency. Nike s commitment to responsible business conduct in our supply chain is contained in our code of conduct. Nike supply chain collaborative iis mm ugm ap 6b an implementation of information system in supply chain management super chain workgroup. Answer of question no 3 yes nike been subjected to false statement lawsuits, as mr marc kasky sued nike in april, 1998 for its wrong behavior with the labors. Nike and adidas are two global companies try to improve their competitive advantage through strategically managing and utilizing their supply chain. Increases adaptabilitygreen supply chain analysis often lead to innovative processes and continuous improvements. Nike manufacturing and supply chain strategies market realist.

The key to nike s efficiency is its low overhead manufacturing costs. Understanding your value chain, and how china fits into it, can lead to tremendous tax savings. A few types of metrics that are useful for supply chain digitalization include output metrics, process metrics and value chain metrics. Integrating the supply chain wood technology clinic 2002 page 3 conducted commerce for the last hundred or so years a supply chain that is decentralized and usually disconnected. Supply chain management corina botnarevschi, ehab etani, akbar khan, amir garranah 2. Five secrets of the 21st century supply chain nbis. Within the company, nike changed its organizational structure to better integrate sustainability within traditional corporate functions. Supply chain management project nike shoes youtube. The worlds top sneaker brands are in a race as their efforts to surpass each other continue. Nike supply chain collaborative iis mm ugm ap 6b an implementation of information system in supply chain management super chain. Research methodologies in supply chain management 109 2 scoping scm in 1969, bowersox 1969 stated. Nike has joined an innovative partnership that can more quickly clean up its supply chain by giving the company easy access to sustainable materials and chemicals through switzerlandbased bluesign technologies which has created a tool for improving supply chains in the textile industry nike s suppliers will have access to online tools that help them find the most sustainable materials. As with any emerging field, physical distribution logistics, scm, eds. The supply chain analyst will report to the supply chain manager.

Smart and digital solutions for supply chain management. For a company that moves over 900 million units per year, these savings amount to a serious competitive edge. Todays supply chain challenges global supply chain with long lead times rising and shifting customer expectations increase in labor costs in developing countriesincrease in labor costs in developing countries increase in logistics costs importance of sustainability unprecedented volatility 11 unprecedented volatility. Nike s response to a supply chain crisis repositioned it as a sustainability leader, and raised the bar for an entire industry. Which chain do you think has fewer supplychain headaches. It improves profit margins, reduces inventories, minimizes price markdowns, and ensures that the customer receives the. Finally, cost is not the only element of a supply chains performance, as well discuss later. Products move from several distribution centers across a network of thousands of retail. Jan 03, 2017 key issues of supply chain management 1.

Our value chain includes nine tiers thats more than most other industries and thus is a challenge to address comprehensively, especially in the tiers where we have less control or influence. Supply chain management microsoft word templates are ready to use and print. Fao guidance for responsible agricultural supply chains. Ardhi puji hariadi aswin budi pratomo danny dharmawan kosasih erry sunarli gede arya wiguna hari tarigan muhammad ahsin rogayya yuri pramono yudho 2. Nikes strategy to improve conditions in its global supply. The business of tracking information, materials and financials as they move across the supply chain has long been riddled with complexities. Supply chain management is the integration of key business processes from end user through. We denote the supply chain network consisting of the graph g n,l, where n denotes the set of nodes and l the set of links. By referring to legendary trackand field coach bill bowermans quotation, nike states that the vision of their company is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

The overall field would gain significantly from a clear definition of subject matter and. Integrating sustainability with supply chain management rewiring nike s approach to supply chain sustainability has involved changes both at the company level and with its suppliers. Evolution of supply chain management roadmap to excel. Analysis of challenges of medical supply chains in sub. Nikes strategy to improve conditions in its global supply chain a. We recommend the definition of supply chain management developed and used by the global supply chain forum. Nikes supply chain sources most of its raw materials in the manufacturing host country by independent contractors. Supply chain 2020 special report the new decade promises to be one of challenge and opportunity in supply chains. However, technology is bringing about a fundamental change and supply chain 4.

Often times scm can be confused with the term logistics management. Chain management lean supply chains and third party logistics pdf. The importance of supply chain management scm has increased over the last. Want the latest procurement and supply chain news delivered straight to your inbox.

A methodology to evaluate, describe and redesign a supply chain hernan david perez supply chain roadmap. Supply chain management study resources course hero. Managing content across the digital supply chain the upsurge of digital media and commercial content distribution in life sciences is causing changes to the industry on a global scale. The paper evaluates the contribution of factory disclosure and proposes that other companies should be urged to move toward supply chain transparency. Supply chain strategy is not simply a linear derivative of the business strategy. Nike supply chain report reveals problems in china. Innout, a private company, wont talk numbers, but the buzz is that its profitable. Supply chain management word templates design, download now. Best practices in green supply chain management final. The current controversy over supply chain practices of global corporations such as disney, walmart and sears in bangladesh reminded me of nike s past and its subsequent corporate sustainability evolution. This paper investigates the major implications of blockchain technology for operations management om with a focus on the decisionmaking processes in supply chain management scm from the.

Thumbnails document outline attachments find more documents from this course fundamentals of supply chain m. Locke january 19, 2014 social compliance programs employed by mnes face signi cant challenges in enforcing labor standards across global supply chains. This case study highlights the failure and subsequent success of erp implementation in nike s supply chain project. Optimal supply chain network design and redesign at minimal. Improves agilitygreen supply chain management help mitigate risks and speed innovations. Nikes evolving supply chain clelia peters mba 09 these days, your new sneakers are far more likely to have spent more time traveling than you have. At best, supply chain strategy can be the enabler of the business strategy. To make things worse, additional chains, such as the reverse logistics chain, and spareparts chain, interact with both the development and the supply chains.

The survey also explores global healthcare decision makers top business and supply chain concerns and probes priorities and plans around upcoming supply chain. Supply chain network design due to the significant impact that supply chain design has on the cost and service provided by a company, it is critical that managers be knowledgeable about how to optimize the flow of products and goods within their supply chain. Green supply chain improves operations by employing an environmental solution. Nike is working towards mapping these risks further up the supply chain and to expand engagement with tier 2 suppliers where additional risks of forced labor may occur.

From quartermaster to sunshop executive summary many seemingly unrelated cyber attacks may, in fact, be part of a broader offensive fueled by a shared development and logistics infrastructurea finding that suggests some targets are facing a more organized menace than they realize. Nike and i2 partnership with i2 for building supply chain management software. One companys unprecedented disclosures raised the bar for an industry in april 2005, nike surprised the business community by releasing its. As a result, nike has created the following standards for their supply chain. Find supply chain management course notes, answered questions, and supply chain management tutors 247. Nike has reaped the benefits of moving to lean manufacturing with shorter lead times and fewer product defects in its supply chain.

Nike moves faster to clean up its supply chain greenbiz. Nikes manufacturing network has over 525 factories. Nike s vision of a lean, green, equitable and empowered sustainable supply chain required a fundamental shift in business relationships, but is now embedded within the new manufacturing index. Its products are made in 42 countries at 567 independent factories that employ more than 1 million workers check out nike s manufacturing map. Capability building and social performance in the nike supply chain greg distelhorst jens hainmueller richard m. Ecommerce and supply chains appendix content opening case. Supply chain social responsibility supply chain social responsibility has been a key element of our procurement strategy since 2004, when ibm elevated this work based on the growing interest of stakeholders and our realization of the added responsibility that comes with having a supply chain dispersed over 100 countries. Information is the glue that holds a supply chain together. An overview of nikes supply chain and manufacturing. But the growth of the global supply chain has also created a new class of ethical. Supply chain management scm is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Course hero has thousands of supply chain management study resources to help you. Overview there is a great deal of confusion regarding what supply chain management involves. Performance metrics for supply chain digitalization when talking about kpis and metrics, the group had various ideas to measure the success of a digital supply chain.

Pdf ip sustainability in global supply chains a stakeholder. Supply chain management description of nike company nike inc. Nike a leading manufacturer of shoes and other sports equipment in the world faced lots of problems in adopting new software to streamline its supply chain and. Stanford initiative for the study of supply chain responsibility sisscr. The detailed requirements behind our code of conduct are contained in our code leadership standards. Evolution of supply chain management roadmap to excel business efficiency what is scm supply chain management scm is a business strategy, whereby the trading partners within the supply chain commit to work in tandem to bring maximum value to the consumers andor their customers for the least possible total supply chain cost and time. Nike statement on forced labor, human trafficking and. Other dimensions must be considered and balanced when designing the supply chain, including.

Create a supply chain diagram of the texas innout burger supply chain. Expectations are set, and the potential supplier can view nike s playbook on how it executes its supply chain operations. It is imperative that a mutual understanding exists between nike and its suppliers to ensure quality throughout the supply chain. Nikes approach to managing supplier responsibility has greatly evolved since the 1990s, when the media uncovered claims of child labor, underpaid workers, and. Hamza amjad daniel arcaro alex quintana brett reardon samir reddy. It can either acquire a few of them or build some of its own which will help it have a more agile and stronger supply chain and find faster growth. Nike uses the enterprise resource planning erp software, sap to manage all their inventories, deliveries, logistics and supply chain activities. Forced labor in the leather supply chain nike, inc. Apply professor delukes 3 fundamentals to the article you have just read.

Nike, strategy, product differentiation, innovative and. Fao guidance for responsible agricultural supply chains oecd and fao have developed this guidance to help enterprises observe standards of responsible business conduct and undertake due diligence along agricultural supply chains in order to ensure that their operations. Sitecollectiondocumentspdfaccenture outlook why sustainable sup. Upss 2012 pain in the supply chain survey, now in its fifth year, reveals the latest data on healthcare executives views on the state of the healthcare industry. Integration, incentives and innovation nikes strategy to. Nike manufacturing and supply chain strategies market. Nike is a member of a number of corporate responsibility and sustainability organizations and we are committed to solving critical issues that affect the people in our value chain. With the supply chain covering a broad range of disciplines, the definition of what is a supply chain can be unclear. Download supply chain management word templates designs today. Backward integration nike currently relies totally on independent manufacturers for the production and supply of its products. Supply chain management adidas free download as powerpoint presentation.

Historically, information flow has been a battle between the richness the. Within the company, nike changed its organizational structure to better integrate. It enables companies to rank supply chain improvement while gaining a better understanding of the relationship between supply chain and financial market capitalization performance. This fourarticle package describes all you should be tracking and why. This comprehensive research is the first, which compares literature to findings from semistructured interviews, based on supply chain challenges. Integrating the supply chain information and supply chain.

The supply chain matrix 6 to examine how the supply chain matrix scm applies to regional food businesses, we must first establish a baseline understanding of the factors at play and the parameters of the model. The role and importance of transportation 3 transportation profile. The paper contributes to a growing area of knowledge about challenges and approaches of medical supply chains in subsaharan africa. These independent factories produce virtually all of the products marketed and sold by nike. This includes working to combat risks of forced labor, modern slavery and human trafficking. Two visionaries, bill bowerman and his university of oregon runner phil knight, thought they could do a better job of designing and selling shoes to runners. Doc global supply chain management case study nike. This gives the supplier, 7 the receiver and the distribution channel a realtime information on the status of the products. Even in the information age where data access and sharing is easier than ever before, manufacturers face new sets of it and operational challenges in the quest to protect sensitive data, optimize the management of standard operating procedures sops and. Critical role of transportation in global economy 4 introduction 5 global supply chain flows 5 the economic basis and logic of improved global trade 11 absolute and comparative advantage 11 contributing factors for global flows and trade 12. Fifteen years ago, nike underwent arguably more intense scrutiny and brutal attacks for its global supply chain management policies and priorities.

Download this document for fundamentals of supply chain management at maastricht university for free and. Nike will update supply chain tech and rely on consumer feedback. The supply chain index is a new methodology, rigorously based in operations research. Boeings global supply chain for the dreamliner 787 a. The diagram should include the end consumer and also the direct suppliers.

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