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World band pll radio receiver, lcd display, etm function added b004h912fc. With this, you select the band mw,fm,sw, press etm, and it loads into a local memory, all the stations that it detects. Tecsun pl 390 view and download tecsun pl390 operation. Get the latest deals from tecsun all with faster shipping and excellent customer services. The tecsun pl398mp is portable worldband receiver with dual speakers. Portable shortwave receivers copyright 2012, universal radio, inc. It uses dsp 4734 microchips from silicon labs in usa to digitalize the analog mw fm sw broadcasting signal base through modern software technology and radio principles.

Tecsun pl398bt am fm stereo lw shortwave bt portable radio. I started this annual post in 2010 when i realized that it would be easier than answering an inbox full of individual emails from people seeking the perfect shortwave radio for their friend or loved one. According to the instruction sheet, and some tecsun websites, transistors were being manufactured in china as early as the 1960s, and experimenters were getting hold of these and making little radios. Look around an electronics store these days and you will almost never see a set like this the tecsun pl880 from a manufacturer in dongguan, china which was recommended to me as the best of the dwindling breed. China tecsun radios australia tecsun 249 powells road, brookvale, nsw 2100 australia ph. Etm is the unique tuning method designed by tecsun. Tecsum pl660 schematic service manual download, schematics. Using tecsun pl398bt as an external loudspeaker for nokia lumia 800. I learned about a little am radio kit by tecsun that i simply. This 36page, hyperlinked pdf document, illustrated with 17 color images, details in a step by step way how to assemble the 2p3 am radio kit manufactured by tecsun co. Tecsun tecsun operation manual fm stereo sw mw lw dsp receiver tecsun electronic ind. Most chinese ebay sellers provide an english translation as a pdf file immediately upon purchase, otherwise my assumption is that you will receive a chinese owners manual. The tecsun pl600 amfmsw radio is a solid performer on all bands. Tecsun pl310et is a dsp digital signal processing multiband portable radio that helps you to listen to amfm, longwave and shortwave.

View and download tecsun pl880 operation manual online. Service manuals, schematics, eproms for electrical technicians. For a low cost radio, this si4734 based radio is surprisingly good. The radio is from a company called tecsun and its the model r909 and it has 9 bands so it can receive lots of signals from all over the place. I learned about a little am radio kit by tecsun that i. Made by the same manufacturer that makes brand name radios, such as grundig, eton and etc. The tecsun pl380 by graham maynard, uk, 20th march 2010. There are four options when tuning your radio stations. Tecsun pl398bt is a pll dsp radio receiver for amfm, longwave and shortwave. As well as being a good although nondab portable radio, it does.

Further, the pl880 offers selectable if bandwidth and a. This fm, am, lw, shortwave and ssb receiver combines good signal reception with a full speaker sound. The pl880 special edition deluxe set is a great set for the collector. I see no problem with the sound quality others have complained about. Multiband pll dsp radio receiver details tecsun pl606 is a dsp digital signal processing multiband portable. It was a dream to have a good looking case for their. Tecsun pl600 service manual download, schematics, eeprom. The tecsun pl880 offers several features that make it superior to previous models including digital signal processing on the hf band which is a quantum leap forward for the reception of weak signals. Feb 24, 2017 like many of tecsuns latest receivers, the pl365 includes the etm function, which stands for easy tuning mode.

Building this kit is a wonderful experience for skilled and novice builders alike. It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your buck the tecsun pl398bt is an interesting am fm stereo radio with long wave and shortwave daytime scan of the am band with a tecsun pl390. View and download tecsun pl398mp operation manual online. When listening to fm or shortwave radio, extend the antenna and adjust its length and direction in order to get the optimum reception. To tune into a station you can use one of the following 5 methods. The tecsun pl880 is easily the best and most expensive of the small tecsun radios. Click here to download the manual as a pdf many thanks to swling post reader, mike, for sending me this file. Its bluetooth receiving capability and dual speakers turn it into a great portable speaker for your smartphone or tablet. The tecsun pl398bt is an interesting am fm stereo radio with long wave and shortwave broadcast bands. It is certainly a familiar tecsun design and layoutergonomics appear to be inline with their current models. These do not override any of the main memory that may have been already used to store stations.

This highly enhances the efficiency when tuning into radio stations. To tune into a station, you can use one of the following 5 methods. Tecsun radio icr110 new arrival fm am radio speaker,white color,recorde,mp3 player learn more. Pl390 functional block diagram pi390 is using dsp si4734 microchips from silicon labs in usa to digitalize the analog amfm broadcasting signal base. With direct tuning, you input the desired frequency digits. It comes with the tecsun icr100 recorder, which can be connected to the pl880 to make direct recordings while listening to your favorite radio programs. Tecsun pl880 operation manual published the swling post. I was very satisfied with the tecsun pl390 and decided to buy its newest version the tecsun pl398 which has better overall caracteristics than the older pl390. The tecsun pl398bt tunes longwave from 153 to 5 khz, medium wave 520 to 1710 khz 9 or 10 khz steps, shortwave from 2300 to 21950 khz 1 khz resolution. Radioscn tecsun pl360 digital dsp radio receiver operation manual. The radio is small and portable and its very well made. Pl880 is the flagship portable world band radio receiver by tecsun. Pll dsp fm stereo sw mw lw world receiver with mp3 play function. It greatly improves the radios sensitivity, selectivity, sn ratio and anti.

To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. It is available via distributors on ebayplease click on our search link at the bottom of this page. The tecsun pl398bt is a portable dspbased shortwave radio. The pl398bt is new to the market as of october 11, 2011. Tecsun pl398bt dsp digital amfmlw shortwave radio with. Tecsun radio pl380 fm stereo sw mw lw dsp receiver operation manual.

View and download tecsun pl380 operation manual online. Tecsun pll multi band radio with excellent performance tecsun operation manual please read this instruction carefully before using the device tecsun electronic ind. The tecsun pl880 radio is the newest and most powerful portable radio in the tecsun range. Sound by using a better 450mw audio amplifier thanks, dan and an improved 3 watt mylar speaker, the pl880 has the best sound of these radios. Tecsun pl600 amfmlw shortwave radio with ssb reception. The tecsun pl398bt is a portable worldband receiver with dual speakers. I was into thinking of buying the cc crane skywave but i changed my mind and have opted for this less costly radio.

The pl380 might embody amazing reception flexibility via its digital. One of the most popular posts on the swling post each year is the annual holiday radio gift guide. Tecsun pl880 pll synthesised dsp receiver december 2014. Review of niceshop tecsun r909 9 band word receiver radio. The tecsun pl600 is an amfmlw shortwave radio with single side band ssb reception. It uses dsp si4734 microchips from silicon labs in usa to digitize. Tecsun pl365, tecsun pl450, tecsun pl600, tecsun pl660, tecsun pl680, tecsun pl880, tecsun s2000, tecsun s8800, degen de, degen de1129a, degen de1128. Feb 26, 2012 using tecsun pl398bt as an external loudspeaker for nokia lumia 800. You have a tone control and narrow and wide bandwidths to shape the sound from the speaker to make it very pleasant. Someone produced a case called the 2p3 for housing these projects. This highsensitivity world band radio suits everyone from the occasional eavesdropper to the dedicated shortwave listener. English manuals are currently available for the following models. View and download tecsun pl390 operation manual online.

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